Our mission is to enable health system IT leadership to be effective by aligning their strategies, activities and measures of success with the health system’s overall goals and performance measures.

Our team focuses on 6 high-value, strategic services: IT Strategic Planning,  Merger,  Acquisitions and Divestitures, IT Service Provider,  EHR Hosting Provider, Vendor Management, IT Efficiencies.

Medical Device Security Services

Medical device security services are designed to identify, develop, implement and manage the security protocols required for all phases of an enterprise medical device security lifecycle, used to improve the overall security and risk management practices for medical devices. These services are needed in order to assist organizational stakeholders in meeting key security requirements for…

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IT Strategic Planning Service

IT strategic planning processes have been described in a multitude of ways for different businesses that have structures typical to standard business models. Health care businesses are neither typical nor standard, and IT leaders are faced with unique challenges in defining a good process to follow that will help define an IT strategic plan for…

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Merger and Acquisition Services

Successful businesses that manage the complexities of mergers and acquisitions between companies in the complex health care environment do so by treating the project as a critical business process and not an IT project. No two health care organizations have the same information systems nor are technologies or software always compatible to support the new…

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IT Service Provider Organization

In today’s complex and ever-changing health care technology and security landscape, many physician practices and smaller hospitals are struggling with the increasing demands of keeping up with emerging technologies, increasing consumer access expectations, having highly available systems and ensuring their systems and data are appropriately protected. The result is that they are having to invest…

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EHR Hosting Provider Service

Several EHR providers allow for health systems and practices to share their EHR with other hospitals and practices in their community, such as Epic Community Connect. Through this program, the health system (the hub) extends its EHR to providers and smaller hospitals (the spokes) in their community for a subsidized fee that provides simplified access…

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Vendor Management & Governance

Today’s health care technology, security and service delivery landscape is complex and ever-changing. For health care IT organizations, this environment presents specific challenges. To successfully enable and support business goals and initiatives, there is a need to rely on dozens or hundreds of external suppliers and service providers, broadly categorized as vendors. In many cases,…

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